Guidance Notes on Teacher Compensation
in Fragile States, Situations of Displacement and Post-Crisis Recovery

Developed in a widely consultative manner under the leadership of an interagency advisory group (INEE Secretariat, International Rescue Committee, Save the Children Alliance, UNESCO, UNHCR, UNICEF, Women’s Refugee Commission), these Guidance Notes address a critical challenge to quality education by providing a framework for discussing the complex issues surrounding the compensation of teachers based on lessons learnt from practice around the world.

The Guidance Notes are organised around and provide guidance on the following three themes:
  • Policy and Coordination of Teacher Compensation
  • Management and Financial Aspects of Teacher Compensation
  • Teachers’ Motivation, Support and Supervision as Forms of Non-Monetary Teacher Compensation
These Guidance Notes can be used to:
  • Guide inter-agency discussion and inform collaborative advocacy on issues related to teacher compensation and support
  • Assess and analyse current challenges to and strategies for improving teacher compensation and support policies and programmes
  • Inform the design of and monitor and evaluate teacher compensation and support policies and programmes, including through their use in training and capacity building workshops
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Guidance Notes on Teacher Compensation