Key Thematic Issues
Conflict Mitigation

  Guidance Notes for Educational Planners: Integrating Conflict and Disaster Risk Reduction into Education Sector Planning
These Guidance Notes put forward strategies on how to mainstream conflict and disaster risk reduction measures in the education sector planning process. They are intended for Ministry of Education officials, especially in planning departments at central level, but are also useful for other education actors that support ministries in the planning process.

Intégrer la réduction des risques de conflits et de catastrophes dans la planification du secteur de l’éducation


  Conflict Sensitive Approaches to Development, Humanitarian Assistance & Peacebuilding: Ch.3 Applying Conflict Sensitivity at Project & Programme Level
FEWER, International Alert and Saferworld - 2003
The three modules in this chapter explain how to integrate conflict sensitivity into projects and programmes in the three stages of the project cycle: planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation.

  Education in Fragile States: Capturing Lessons and Identifying Good Practice
Rose, P. and Greeley, M., DAC Fragile States Group - 2006
This paper examines how development assistance in fragile situations enhances access to quality basic education for the poor and vulnerable and improves governance and thereby mitigating the risks of fragility, and increasing the effectiveness of future aid. It introduces the concept of turnaround as well as the 'rights' and 'risks' considerations that impact donor decision making and effectiveness. It also examines will and capacity in the education sector; political economy implications for sequencing and planning; and considers how education can support state-building from the bottom up.

  Where Peace Begins: Education's role in conflict prevention and peacebuilding
Wedge, J., International Save the Children Alliance - 2008
This report is part of Save the Children Alliance's Rewrite the Future campaign and details the impact of conflict on children and on their education. The report also sets out Save the Children's understanding of how education can make conflicts worse and how education can support peace. This report gives special attention to children in armed conflict, addressing education in peace agreements and education as a weapon.

  A Distinction with a Difference: Conflict Sensitivity and Peacebuilding
Woodrow, P. and Chigas, D. - 2009
This article examines the damage done by conceptual confusion between conflict sensitivity and peacebuilding, and proposes some ways to distinguish the two that, evidence suggests, may lead to more effective peacebuilding and conflict sensitive practice.