INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Pack

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Conflict sensitive education refers to the design and delivery of education programs and policies in a way that considers the conflict context and aims to minimize the negative impact (contribution to conflict) and maximize positive impact (contribution to peace).

INEE developed a Conflict Sensitive Education Pack to support the integration of conflict sensitivity in education policies and programs. The Conflict Sensitive Education Pack includes a Guidance Note, Reflection Tool, and INEE Guiding Principles, and is available for download in the following languages:
English                        French                         Arabic                        Spanish                      Portuguese
Guidance Note on Conflict Sensitive Education
The Guidance Note offers strategies for developing and implementing conflict sensitive education programs and policies. Building upon the INEE Minimum Standards, the Guidance Note offers guidance on conflict sensitive education design and delivery at all levels and in all types and phases of conflict. It is a useful tool for practitioners, policy-makers and researchers working in conflict-affected and fragile contexts.The Guidance Note includes a Quick Reference Tool (available in English, French and Spanish), offers useful guidance, key actions and suggestions for conflict sensitive education.
English              French            Arabic             Spanish             Dari             Pashto            Portuguese
Reflection Tool for Designing and Implementing Conflict Sensitive Education Programs in Conflict-Affected and Fragile Contexts
This Reflection Tool is designed to help you reflect on the impact of conflict dynamics on education programs and how these education programs can help either mitigate or exacerbate the conflict dynamics. It can be used to integrate conflict sensitivity at all stages of the project cycle: assessment, design, implementation/management, monitoring and evaluation. Principles of community participation, equity, access, quality, relevance and protection are included across the tool and are based on the INEE Minimum Standards for Education. This Reflection Tool can be used in the following ways: 1. For an assessment of a new education program; 2. In the design of a new education program; 3. In the implementation / management of an education program; 4. In monitoring and evaluating an education program; and 5. In the review of an education program.
English                       French                            Arabic                      Spanish                        Portuguese
INEE Guiding Principles on Integrating Conflict Sensitivity in Education 
This one-page document outlines the INEE Guiding Principles on Integrating Conflict Sensitivity in Education Policy and Programming in Conflict-Affected and Fragile Contexts. It describes the following principles: 1. Assess; 2. Do no harm; 3. Prioritize prevention; 4. Promote equity and the holistic development of the child as a citizen; 5. Stabilize, rebuild or build the education system; and 6. Development partners should act fast, respond to change, and stay engaged beyond short-term support.
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INEE has developed documents to support promotional efforts of the INEE Conflict Sensitive Education Pack: PowerPoint presentation (English and Spanish), Talking Points (English and Spanish), and User Feedback Form [Word doc] [online form]

For more guidance and tools, please see the Implementation Tools section below and the list of additional resources on conflict sensitive education.