Key Thematic Issues
Inclusive Education

  EiE Training Module 15 - Inclusive Education
INEE and IASC Education Cluster - 2012
The EiE harmonized training package combines training materials from the original INEE Minimum Standards, IIEP and the Front Line Responders training packages. The materials include 17 modules with PowerPoint Presentations, Facilitator Guides and exercises, as well as guidance on adapting the training materials. For more information, please contact [email protected]

  INEE Thematic Issue Brief: Inclusive Education
INEE - 2010
This brief summarises the mainstreaming of inclusive education in the INEE Minimum Standards Handbook.

  Is your classroom inclusive and child-friendly?
Heijnen, E., UNICEF-UNGEI - 2010
This tool is a very practical self-assessment tool for teachers to consider the learning environment they help to create, especially the ways in which teachers and students interact and how such an environment helps different children learn to their best ability.

  INEE Pocket Guide to Supporting Learners with Disabilities
INEE - 2010
The guide will help to strengthen the efforts of anyone working with teachers or facilitators in an emergency, whether as part of the formal education system or a non-governmental programme. This guide offers practical ideas for including children and young people with disabilities in education during or after an emergency. It strives to address current barriers to inclusive education. Sections of particular importance include page 62 which covers curriculum content and Section 8 (p. 71) which covers tests and learning assessments.

 Bahasa Indonesia  |  French 
INEE Pocket Guide to Supporting Learners with Disabilities - Bahasa Indonesia

INEE - 2012
Guide de poche de l’INEE sur l’appui aux apprenants handicapés

  Supporting Learners with Disabilities Poster
INEE - 2010
This poster can be used as a promotional tool for the INEE Pocket Guide to Supporting Learners with Disabilities.

Supporting Learners with Disabilities Poster - Arabic

INEE - 2010

  INEE Pocket Guide to Inclusive Education
INEE - 2009
The guide is aimed at anyone working to provide, manage or support education services in emergencies, whether through government, non-governmental or international agencies. The main focus is rapid onset emergency response, but the guide is relevant to all emergency settings and phases. This resource provides guidance on how to incorporate inclusive education approaches in emergency situations as well as advice on how to deal with challenges like resistance or lack of interest in inclusion.

 Arabic  |  Bahasa Indonesia  |  French  |  Spanish 
INEE Pocket Guide to Inclusive Education - Arabic

INEE Pocket Guide to Inclusive Education - Bahasa Indonesia

Guide de poche de l'INEE sur l'éducation inclusive

INEE - 2009
Ce guide est destiné à l'usage de tous ceux qui fournissent, gèrent ou appuient les services éducatifs en situations d'urgence, que ce soit les agences gouvernementales, non gouvernementales ou internationales. Il est particulièrement pertinent pour la phase initiale de l'intervention d'urgence, mais s'applique à toutes les situations et phases d'urgence. Il fournit des conseils sur la façon d'intégrer les approches d'éducation inclusive dans les situations d'urgence ainsi que des conseils sur la façon de faire face aux défis comme la résistance ou le manque d'intérêt envers l'inclusion.
La guía de bolsillo de la INEE para la educación inclusiva

INEE - 2009
Esta guía está dirigida a cualquier persona trabajando para proporcionar, manejar o apoyar educación en emergencias, si por el gobierno, agencias no gubernamentales o internacionales. El foco principal es la respuesta a emergencias de rápida comienzo, pero la guía es relevante para todas las situaciones y fases de emergencia. Este recurso proporciona guía sobre cómo incorporar enfoques de educación inclusiva en situaciones de emergencia así como consejos sobre cómo hacer frente a los desafíos como la resistencia o la falta de interés en la inclusión.

  INEE Pocket Guide to Inclusive Education: Useful Resources
INEE - 2009
A list of useful resources found at the end of the INEE Pocket Guide to Inclusive Education.

  Understanding and Responding to Children's Needs in Inclusive Classrooms: A Guide for Teachers
McConkey, R., UNESCO - 2001
This resource guides teachers on practical ways of coping with children who have particular difficulties in learning. It is designed for teachers who already have children with 'special needs' in their classes and teachers who have limited experience of such children.

  Language and education: the missing link
Pinnock, H. with research by G. Vijayakumar (Save the Children and CfBT Trust) - 2009
This document details how children learn in relation to language and how key education actors can ensure that they drive the process to identify and implement teaching in the appropriate languages in areas where students are vulnerable because they live in multilingual countries affected by poverty, conflict and instability. The tool on page 31 outlines what national leadership in 'at-risk' countries can do to start working towards delivery of basic education in local languages with strong second language teaching. Page 9 provides recommendations/action points for education ministries and national education leaders to address inappropriate language of instruction.

  Making Schools Inclusive: How Change Can Happen
Save the Children - 2008
This book is about how non-governmental organisations (NGOs) can help school systems in developing countries become more inclusive. It shares experiences of developing tools and approaches that have improved education for the most excluded children in society. It targets NGOs, government and donor representatives seeking to improve the capacity of schools and education authorities to respond positively to a diverse range of learners, as well as to readers studying education policy and practice in developing or transition countries.