Implementation Tools
Standard 3: Support and Supervision
Teachers and Other Education Personnel

Support and supervision mechanisms for teachers and other education personnel function effectively.

  Supervisory and Classroom Management Instrument
Academy for Educational Development - 2002
This tool can be adapted for local context and used for assessing teachers' supervisory and classroom management.

  Teacher Assessment Questionnaire
Academy for Educational Development
This assessment form can be adapted for local context and used for collecting evidence on the transfer of skills as the result of training programs and workshops.

  Education Action Sheet from the Task Force on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings
IASC - 2007
This Action Sheet articulates key actions and immediate steps for minimum response in providing and strengthening access to safe and supportive education, including supporting educators' own psychosocial well-being (Action 4).

  More and Better Teachers Needed: Achieving Quality Education for All
id 21 Insights Education - 2007
This 6 page publication covers a number of very pertinent issues – changing patterns of teacher recruitment in West Africa; teacher absenteeism; teachers, gender and HIV/AIDS; teachers targeted in conflict; gender and educational leadership; teacher education. It is framed in terms of the critical need in many parts of the world for more and better teachers and for policy and programming to draw on both qualitative and quantitative data and research perspectives.

  Gender Strategies in Emergencies, Chronic Crises and Early Reconstruction Contexts: Recruiting and Supporting Women Teachers
INEE Gender Task Team - 2006
Using the INEE Minimum Standards as a framework, this tool provides a series of concrete and practical strategies and promising approaches for recruiting and supporting women teachers.

  Managing Teacher Costs for Access and Quality
Mehrotra, S. and Buckland, P., UNICEF - 1998
This section provide a series of strategies and lessons learned aimed at providing teachers with support while also improving access and quality, such as ensuring community participation and support, evening out the distribution of teachers through introducing multigrade teaching and accelerated learning programmes for overage pupils, and improving management information systems.

  Teacher Education Programme (TEP) Supervisors Manual
NRC - 2004
This short supervisor's manual contains a series of guidelines and directives for supervising, mentoring and supporting teachers, drawn from NRC's experience in Angola.

  La formación de directivos de instituciones educativas. Algunos aportes para el diseño de estrategias (Spanish only)
Poggi, M., IIPE-UNESCO - 2001
Esta publicación tiene por propósito central analizar una serie de aspectos vinculados con el diseño de propuestas de formación de directores y equipos directivos de instituciones educativas y ofrecer aportes para la discusión en torno a dicha formación.

  Doorways 3: Teacher Training Manual on School-Related Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response
USAID: Office of Women in Development - 2009
This manual is designed for teachers and can be integrated into existing programs for teacher training, Parent Teacher Association strengthening, scholarships, support to orphans and vulnerable children, and HIV prevention education, or as part of a comprehensive national or local plan to reduce gender-based violence against children. Piloted in Ghana and Malawi, students (ages 10-14) and adults who participated in the programs demonstrated positive changes in attitudes and knowledge concerning gender-based violence.