Implementation Tools
Standard 4: Assessment of Learning Outcomes
Teaching and Learning

Appropriate methods are used to evaluate and validate learning outcomes.

  Continuous Assessment Handbook
Quansah, K.B., AED, BECAS - 2005
This handbook provides an overview of the benefits, problems and purposes of continuous assessment in schools and practical guidance on redesigning continuous assessment, including guidelines for selecting instructional objectives for continuous assessment (section 7) and for developing continuous assessment tasks (section 8).

  Checklist of Determining Continuous Assessment or Exams
USAID - 2002
This checklist provides ideas about the various types of exams that are tied to different forms of continuous assessment and also lays out a series of questions comparing exams and continuous assessment for teachers and other education personnel to discuss. Taken from USAID's 'In My Classroom: A Guide to Reflective Practice'.