Pocket Guide to Gender

With the input of many INEE members, INEE’s Gender Task Team developed this tool as a quick reference guide to help practitioners make sure that education, as part of emergency preparedness, response and recovery, is gender-responsive and meets the rights and needs of all girls and boys, women and men affected by crisis.

This guide is for anyone working to provide, manage or support education services as part of emergency preparedness, response or recovery. It is based upon two key global documents, the  INEE Minimum Standards and the IASC Gender Handbook. Both of these documents ask us to consider gender differences, inequalities and capacities in order to improve the effectiveness of our work in the education sector.

This INEE Pocket Guide to Gender builds upon the foundational principles and standards codified within these two handbooks to provide practical guidance and strategies to put these considerations into action. It outlines principles for a gender responsive approach to education programming, and provides responses to some of the most common misconceptions and arguments against gender mainstreaming.

The guide also gives a series of concrete strategies and actions for putting gender equality into practice in and across all domains of education programming. For more information on this tool, please visit www.ineesite.org/gender or email [email protected].
Pocket Guide to Gender