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   Contextualised INEE Minimum Standards: Afghanistan
INEE, CARE Afghanistan and the Afghanistan Education Cluster 2011
The INEE Minimum Standards are generic in order to be applicable to a broad range of contexts. They are meant to serve as a guideline to practitioners and policy makers to establish quality education programming in emergencies through to recovery. The Minimum Standards are most effective when they are contextualised to each individual setting. The following is a sample of contextualised INEE Minimum Standards from Afghanistan in 2011.

   Guidance Note on Conflict Sensitive Education - Pasho

The Guidance Note offers strategies for developing and implementing conflict sensitive education programs and policies. Building upon the INEE Minimum Standards, the Guidance Note offers guidance on conflict sensitive education design and delivery at all levels and in all types and phases of conflict. It is a useful tool for practitioners, policy-makers and researchers working in conflict-affected and fragile contexts.

   Guidance Note on Conflict Sensitive Education - Pashto NRC
INEE 2015

   INEE Minimum Standards Handbook 2010 - Pashto
INEE 2010
This Handbook is the only global tool that articulates the minimum level of educational quality and access in emergencies through to recovery. The Minimum Standards express a commitment that all individuals – children, youth and adults – have a right to education. The aim of the Handbook is 1) to enhance the quality of educational preparedness, response and recovery; 2) to increase access to safe and relevant learning opportunities for all learners, regardless of their age, gender or abilities; and 3) to ensure accountability and strong coordination in the provision of education in emergencies through to recovery. The Handbook was originally developed in 2004 and updated in 2010.

   INEE Minimum Standards Map - Pashto

   INEE Minimum Standards Map (Pashto)
INEE 2010
This is a graphic representation of the content of the 2010 edition of the INEE Minimum Standards.